Convent - Marxist Centre, Bugojno

Location: Bugojno Municipality

Importance of the locality:

The Convent or Marxist Centre was used as a detention facility for Croat civilians and prisoners of war from 26 July 1993 until the beginning of 1994. The prisoners were subjected to inhumane conditions, daily abuse and beatings. At least one prisoner was taken from the facility and killed. The prisoners were later forcibly transferred to the detention facility at the Iskra stadium in Bugojno.

Entity: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ethnic group: Croats

Area that victims came from: Bugojna

Responsibility: 307.bbr ARBiH

Court trials:

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) convicted the Commander of the 3rd Corps of ARBiH Enver Hadžihasanović, sentencing him to 3 and a half years in prison, and the Commander of the 7th Muslim Brigade of the 3rd Corps of ARBiH Amir Kubura, sentencing him to 2 years in prison. The Court of BiH convicted the former assistant to the commander of the 307th brigade Enes Handžić, sentencing him to 8 years in prison, former military police officer of the 307th motorised brigade of ARBiH Alija Osmić, sentencing him to 3 years in prison, former member of ARBiH Osman Šego, based on a plea bargain, sentencing him to 5 years in prison.

Commemorations: 19 March

Data source: ICTY and Court of BiH (updated 10.11.2021)

Marked and photographed: 17.11.2021


Updated: 14.12.2021

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