Location where two boys were killed in Brčko

Location: Brčko District

Importance of the locality:

The war started in Brčko on 30 April 1992, when two bridges across the Sava river connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia were destroyed. Throughout the war years, armies engaged in battle shelled military and civilian targets. On 1 July 1995, a projectile was fired from the direction of Croatia across the Sava River from a multiple rocket launcher (MRL) in the direction of the Novo Brčko neighbourhood where it killed two boys who were out playing in the park. Nenad Stolić and Siniša Ješić were killed on the spot. Nenad Stolić was 12 and his friend Siniša was 14.

Entity: Brčko district

Ethnic group: Serbs

Area that victims came from: Brčko

Responsibility: HV

Court trials:

No one has yet been held responsible for this crime.

Data source: Stolić family (updated 15.02.2022)

Marked and photographed: 22.02.2022


Updated: 15.04.2022

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