Hotel Igman

Location: Hadžići Municipality, Sarajevo

Importance of the locality:

In February and March 1993, Hotel Igman on Mount Igman in the Hadžići Municipality close to Sarajevo was converted into a detention facility for Serb and Croat soldiers and civilians. ARBiH, specifically its special “Zulfikar” unit, had control over the facility. Prisoners were brought to Hotel Igman for forced labour, 14 prisoners were brought from Krupa u Zoviku and 10 from Silos in Tarčin. They were held in the nuclear shelter of Hotel Igman. The shelter had no ventilation. It only had a single door.

Entity: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ethnic group: Croats, Serbs

Area that victims came from: Sarajevo, Hadžići, BiH

Responsibility: ARBiH

Court trials:

For the crimes committed at Hotel Igman, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina convicted Dževad Salčin, member of the ARBiH “Zulfikar” Special Forces Division, and sentenced him to two years in prison. In 2013, the Court of BiH upheld the indictment against Nedžad Hodžić for war crimes committed at Hotel Igman. The trial against Nedžad Hodžić at the Court of BiH is currently “postponed” due to the health of the accused.

Data source: Sud BiH (updated 19.06.2020)

Marked and photographed: 12.05.2020


Updated: 04.07.2021

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